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What are the advantages of kettlebells?

Have you tried kettlebell training? In recent years, it has taken the world by storm! More and more people start kettlebell training and fall in love with it! The arc-shaped handle is connected with the iron ball. At first glance, it looks like a kettle without a mouth. The “kettlebell” is not only special in shape, but also has a great training effect! Many friends are curious about what magic it has! Let’s take a look at 10 advantages of kettlebell training today!


Can be effective in limited space

Compared with general heavy training equipment, kettlebells are much smaller in size. They don’t have to move too long. They don’t need too much space, and their exercise methods are mostly systemic. High efficiency and small size are very practical training equipment for people with limited living space.


Can develop a good squat posture

Early learning to squat, usually from the kettlebell squat to start. The reason is that squats can reduce the burden on the spine, making it easier for beginners to experience the neutral spine, knee, and thigh outward posture. The kettlebell has a better advantage in this field.


Promote more power

Compared to using long bars for explosive training, kettlebells are more friendly to the people. Especially in the snatch, high flip, and over-top push, the kettlebell can stimulate athletes’ explosive power.


Strengthen the anti-rotation ability of the torso

Kettlebell training involves a lot of unilateral support, head-raising, and head-pushing. Because these actions are unilateral operations and often exceed the top of the head, they can further exercise the “trunk stability” and “anti-rotation” capabilities that athletes need.


Mobilize many muscle groups at the same time

Since the center of gravity of the kettlebell is not symmetrical on both sides like a dumbbell, in many cases the center of gravity of the kettlebell tends to shift. Therefore, in order to stabilize and make the move go smoothly, the body will unconsciously mobilize more muscle groups to assist and train them at the same time to make you stronger.


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