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Popular Science Knowledge of Human Body Infrared Thermometer

Because of its non-contact, high efficiency, and easy-to-use characteristics, human body infrared thermometers are widely used at traffic gates, hospitals, residential quarters, and enterprises and institutions with dense traffic. Commonly used human infrared thermometers can be divided into two types: infrared thermal imaging rapid body temperature screening instrument and infrared clinical thermometer.

Infrared thermal imaging body temperature rapid screening instrument can monitor large areas in crowded public places, automatically track and alarm high temperature areas. Cooperating with visible light video, it can quickly find and track people with higher body temperatures. When the infrared thermal imaging body temperature rapid screener integrates face recognition, mobile phone probes and other technologies, it can also grasp more information about people with higher body temperatures. Infrared clinical thermometers, one kind of temperature thermometer, can be further divided into infrared ear thermometers and infrared forehead thermometers. Infrared thermometers are simple, easy to use, affordable, and can be used to perform sequential and rapid temperature measurement of personnel.

The advantages of general infrared thermometer: first, it does not touch the object to be tested, and it will not cause unnecessary infection when measuring body temperature; second is fast, usually the measurement time is less than 1 second, not more than 2 seconds. Therefore, it is very suitable for the application in the prevention and detection of fever diseases.

Generally, around human body temperature 37℃, the accuracy of the infrared thermal imaging body temperature rapid screening instrument can reach the temperature range of ±0.3℃, and the infrared thermometer, ±0.2℃.

In terms of measurement accuracy, infrared ear thermometers have the highest measurement accuracy, followed by infrared forehead thermometers. However, if the measurement method is incorrect, the measurement result will be inaccurate. For newly purchased or frequently used human infrared thermometers, when there is doubt about the measurement results, the human infrared thermometer should be calibrated to determine its correction value, which can eliminate the system error of the thermometer as much as possible.

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