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Comprehensive window display

Comprehensive display window: Many unrelated products are comprehensively displayed in a window to form a complete window advertisement. Due to the large differences between the products in this kind of window display, it must be cautious when designing, otherwise, it will be regarded as a mess.


The comprehensive display methods mainly include:


Horizontal window display


Display the products in groups horizontally and guide customers to watch them in order from left to right or from right to left.


Vertical window display


The products are distributed longitudinally in several parts according to the size of the display window, and the front and back products are staggered, which is convenient for customers to watch from top to bottom.


Unit window display


The products are displayed centrally with a grid bracket, which is convenient for customers to classify and watch and is mostly used for small commodities.


Systematic window display

Large and medium-sized shops own large window areas, which can be combined and displayed in one window according to the category, performance, material, use, and other factors of the products. It can also be divided into:


Show-window for the same material and type of products: Combination display of products made of the same type and the same material, such as refrigerator windows, bicycle windows of various brands.


Show-window for different types of products made of the same material: Combination display of products of different categories in the same material. Such as the show-window of sheepskin products, including sheepskin shoes, sheepskin bags, and so on.


Show-window for the same type of products made of different materials: A combination display of the same type of products made from different raw materials. Such as cosmetics window composed of almond cream, pearl cream, and placenta cream.


Show-window for different types of products made of different materials: Combine the products of different categories and different materials with the same purpose in the display window. For example, sports equipment display window composed of tennis, table tennis, volleyball, and baseball.


Thematic window display

Thematic window display focused on an advertising topic, organizes a display of goods from different retail stores or of different types in the same retail store around a specific matter, transmitting an appeal to the media audience. For example, festival display, green food display, Silk Road display, and so on.


This display method is mostly centered on a specific environment or a specific event, and the combination of related products will be displayed in a window, which can be divided into:


Festival display. The theme of the festival window is for celebrating a certain festival. Such as on the Mid-Autumn Festival, the show-window is composed of various moon cakes and yellow rice wine. At Christmas, the display window is combined with Christmas gifts and Santa Claus, which not only highlights the goods but also exaggerates the festive atmosphere.


Event display. It refers to the show-window that combines related products with the theme of certain activity in society. Such as the window of sporting goods during a major sports meeting.


Scene display. According to the purpose of the product, a variety of related products are set in a specific scene in the window to induce customers’ buying behaviors. For example, the relevant tourist products are set as a specific tourist attraction to attract the attention of passers-by.


Close-up window display

Close-up window display uses different forms of art and processing methods to focus on introducing the products of a certain retail store in one window. For example, close-up display of products in a single retail store and close-up display of product models, etc., and this type of display is suitable for advertising of new products and specialty goods. There are: Close-up display of a single product. Only display one product in a window to focus on promoting the product, such as displaying only a refrigerator or a piano. Close-up display of product models. That is, product models are used to replace physical displays, which are most suitable for products that are too large or too small, such as windows for car models or cigarette models, and some perishable products are also suitable for close-up display of models, such as fruits and seafood.


Seasonal window display

According to seasonal changes, seasonal products are displayed in a centralized manner, such as wool and windbreakers in late winter and early spring, as well as summer clothes, sandals, and straw hats in late spring and early summer. This method satisfies the psychological characteristics of customers buying seasonally and is conducive to expanding sales.



The shop windows are mostly closed, so as to make full use of the background decoration, manage the displayed goods, and make it easy for customers to watch. The display window specifications should be adapted to the overall building and storefront of the store.


The height of the bottom of the shop window is generally 80cm-130cm from the ground, and the height that adults can see is better, so most of the products can be displayed from a place 60cm from the ground. Small products are displayed from a height of 100cm or more. Large items such as refrigerators, washing machines, bicycles can be displayed 5cm above the ground.



Retail planners can choose specific window display advertising forms based on factors such as retail store scale, window structure, product characteristics, consumer demand and other factors.


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