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Medical Mask Machine: A Guide for the Production of Medical Masks

With the development of COVID-19, the shortage of medical protective equipment in prevention and control around the world is still an urgent problem to be solved. Especially with the advent of the anti-work tide, the epidemic prevention policy requires that production cannot be resumed without masks, and the shortage of masks will definitely exist for a long time.

  1. The basic structure and function of disposable medical masks

Ordinary medical masks are mainly composed of three layers of non-woven fabrics. The inner layer is an ordinary non-woven fabric, which is mainly used to absorb moisture and moisture released by the wearer. The outer layer is a waterproof non-woven fabric, mainly used to isolate the liquid sprayed by the patient. The middle filter layer is a polypropylene melt-blown non-woven fabric treated with electret to prevent the growth of bacteria.

  1. The formal production process of medical mask machine

Hang the non-woven material on the frame of the mask paper cutting machine, and the medical mask machine will automatically produce after debugging. The mask piece will come out, and then transfer the mask piece to the ear strap machine for tapping. After production, the mask will be sterilized with ethylene oxide and left for 7 days to volatilize. The specific process is as follows:

(1) Combine three layers of non-woven fabrics: Put three different non-woven fabrics on the fixed support of the mask production line, and stack them neatly by the above laminator. There is a horn-shaped feed inlet, and a string of metal wires continuously pass through the horn to the laminating machine.

(2) The metal thread fixed by the nose clip is sewn into the laminated three-layer non-woven fabric.

(3) Fold masks.

(4) Cut into individual mask units.

(5) Strengthen the edges of the mask.

(6) Use a thermoforming device to fix the ear straps on the four corners of the mask: Because the ear straps are relatively tight for a long time during the process of wearing the mask. In order to enhance the bonding strength of the rope and the mask body, adhesive must be attached to the four corners of mask. During the pressing process of the medical mask machine, it is transported mechanically.

(7) Disinfection: In the entire production process of the medical mask machine, not only the processing contact of the machine, but also the contact of many artificial chains, will cause the mask to be inevitably contaminated by bacteria. If it is a normal mask, it does not need to be disinfected, but the medical mask requires the manufacturer to use a ring. The EO sterilizer has been sterilized. Place the mask in an environment of 400 mg/L of ethylene oxide to alkylate the hydroxyl groups to inactivate microbial macromolecules and achieve the purpose of sterilization. However, ethylene oxide is not only flammable and explosive, but also toxic to humans. Therefore, it needs to stand for 7 days for analysis after disinfection.  When the residual amount of EO is lower than the required value, it can be packaged and shipped to medical staff.

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