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Things You Need to Know About World of Warcraft

World of Warcraft is a very popular MMORPG that has attracted millions of players over the years. All elements in this game can be counted in millions, such as millions of heroes being created, millions of tasks completed, and billions of hours of game time. Over time, the game became the most popular game in the world. To some extent, we can say that World of Warcraft is the pioneer of MMORPG. We can say that almost no one in the world has at least not heard of one thing about this video game. There are some things you need to know about World of Warcraft and get world of warcraft classic gold if you are a new player.

Azeroth size

You may already know very well that the game background of “World of Warcraft” is set in the world called Azeroth. This is the world that appeared in all “Warcraft” games before, and “World of Warcraft” is the source of this MMORPG. Suppose we convert Azeroth into the real world, its size will be 207 square kilometers or 80 miles. It can be said that although this is fictitious, it is the most popular 80 miles in the world. This world is the source of a lot of fun. Of course, we didn’t know of other 80 miles that could be as interesting as this.

Girls and Warcraft

It is always interesting to witness female players, because female players are not as common as male players. However, the Daedalus project conducted a survey to discuss the types of characters they created or selected with more than a thousand female players in World of Warcraft. The result is very interesting, because female players choose attractive characters most of the time. The end result is this, female players choose charming characters 64.4%, average characters 32.7% and ugly 2.8%. This is slightly different from the male players who choose attractive roles, who choose 43.1%, an average of 49.1%, and a terrible 7.7%. It seems that the development team started to satisfy the desires of female players by creating a large number of beautiful characters, playing them in the past few years.

How many lines of code are needed?

As you might expect, making such a large video game definitely requires a lot of time and resources. One thing that really impressed us was that World of Warcraft took about 5.5 million lines of code to achieve what it is today. All this is done by a team of 150 developers. Just think about it, and then calculate how many lines of code a person has completed, and you will find that this is very impressive. Frank Pearce, co-founder of Blizzard Entertainment, revealed this fact to the public. In addition, the team responsible for designing the game has 51 artists who have handled more than one million unique items and other types of assets. Another impressive message is that the game has more than 40,000 non-playable characters.

Lovecraft inspiration

After witnessing this, we can conclude that the creator of “World of Warcraft” is a loyal supporter of HP. Lovecraft. We can see many echoes and references that are different from popular writers. What is different is that the names of the characters in the “Lovecraft” novel are given to the old gods in the “World of Warcraft” series. In addition, the giant eye that appears in the game is called C’thun, which obviously refers to the monster named Cthulhu. Not only that, but we can also see that developers and designers draw major inspirations from popular writers to design city streets and dungeons. You may not have noticed, but the name of the game itself pays tribute to the great writer. They just deleted love and joined the war to create the name Warcraft.

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