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The Importance of Perfume Packaging Design

People are those who pay attention to beauty, and women in particular have brought this sentence to the fullest. Anything beautiful can attract women’s attention. As one of the essential cosmetics in women’s daily life, perfume packaging design must keep pace with the times and attract consumers to buy.


If you want to ask a business that whose money can be most easily earned, he will tell you women. Because women are born with the urge to shop, even if they have a lot of supplies around them, for women, these supplies are no longer worthy of her now, so it’s right to keep buying. Creative perfume packaging design must grasp the psychological characteristics of female consumers, and the appearance design must be exquisite and beautiful, in line with the aesthetic concept of female consumers.


Perfume packaging box is a box for packaging perfume. The design style of perfume packaging should conform to the design concept of perfume brought to consumers. Some perfume fragrances are mainly girly, and the fragrance is fresh and sweet. Then its packaging bottle design must highlight the freshness of the product and don’t be too offbeat. Some perfume fragrances are chic and uninhibited, and their packaging style should be uniquee3. In addition to the design style of the packaging box, the design of its container must also reflect the characteristics of perfume. Like Paris perfume, its fragrance is a strong love scent, and the perfume color is light pink. In the design of the box, we can use light pink and red patterns to complete it, with a glass container in the shape of a heart.


There is also the pink perfume of the Lancome series from France. The perfume is light blue. At this time, we don’t have to consider which style of bottle or packaging box. We choose white or light blue packaging boxes with stars or round glass. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the container. The design of this perfume is definitely a representative of romance and innocence. A good perfume packaging design can bring consumers a unique experience. The fragrance of each perfume and its packaging container have a certain pertinence of the design, the designer should correspond to the specific consumer group to design with bold innovation.


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