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Optical Array Knowledge

How to collimate fiber optics and make the optical fiber array neat are two common questions asked in the industry. An regular optical fiber array normally includes a V−grooved substrate for holding a plurality of optical fibers (up to hundreds) and a lid for pressing the fibers arranged in the grooves. Special adhesive is usually applied into the grooves to fix the fibers and the back part of the substrate to work as strain relief area. Thus, even under the condition of a high temperature and high humidity, no great stress is generated in the adhesive. Consequently, no crevice is generated between the fixing substrate and the adhesive and accordingly, no peeling off is generated by intrusion of water.


Normally, an optical fiber array has a polished optical coupling facet where another optical path is coupled to it.


Fiber core pitch accuracy is the critical feature of fiber array. Given that the variations in the fiber core/cladding geometry may cause offset errors, the specification for the tolerances of the fiber core positions cannot be explicitly specified. What MEISU does is having the size of grooves and the space between them well calculated in accordance with the radius of the fiber. There is a formula on the minimum depth of the V-grooves, which related with the fiber radius and the opening space of the grooves. Thus, as long as a fiber, such as a linear fiber array, is properly touching the two side of the V-groove and the bottom of the lid, the +/-0.5um pitch tolerance can be guaranteed.


The most common use of the V-Groove arrays is for planar waveguide devices such as PLC Splitter and AWG. Over the past few years, Linear (one-dimension) optical fiber array has been extensively applied in optical communication, optical imaging and detection systems.


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