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Do you understand the structure of the perfume box?

Like other packaging boxes, the perfume box has many different structures. As the protector of the perfume bottle, the perfume box bears many important roles and is also of great significance to the brand. On the packaging of perfume boxes, businesses will emphasize the design style and direction of perfume boxes. Let’s talk about the structure of the perfume box today.


  1. Folding type flip perfume box


This type of perfume box is mainly mounted on a printed paper with gray cardboard, and then folded. This type of perfume box is cheaper and has weaker protection performance, but it still has a certain buffer protection effect. And printing can have a variety of patterns.


  1. Double-door perfume box


It is mainly designed with double doors, and the grooves for placing perfume bottles are built-in. This type of design has a stronger sense of design, and it is mainly a handmade bag, which will be more difficult. But the effect will be more high-end. The outer surface paper can be selected according to the customer’s requirements. If other patterns need to be stamped, the process will be more complicated. Seismo can provide this kind of custom perfume boxes to meet customer’s needs.


  1. Lid and tray perfume box


The structure of the lid and tray is very common, and it is used in a variety of perfume packaging box designs. The perfume box of the lid and tray is also relatively common. The general size will be relatively large. It is very suitable for making a perfume box set, in which various products can be placed inside, and the space can be enlarged. In addition, its protection performance is also relatively strong.


There are many kinds of perfume boxes. The above is just the structure of several perfume boxes summarized by Seismo. Of course, there are also special-shaped perfume boxes, and the assembly process is more particular. It is more difficult to make, but this type of perfume box is more eye-catching and more attractive, because it is more special and unique.


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