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Different Kinds of Perfume Boxes

Perfume box is the box for perfume. Perfume box is essential for perfume for people to carry perfume conveniently and to  provide an extra layer of protection for perfume bottle. There are already too many perfume brands on the market, which means that many perfume products are derived, indicating that the demand for perfume boxes is also increasing. What types of perfume boxes are there?


  1. Paper perfume box


Paper perfume box basically uses paper fabrics, which are cheap, and the appearance is mainly printed. The industry word is also what we call pit box, airplane box.


  1. Leather perfume box


This type of perfume box is generally designed with a cover box, using super fiber, PU leather and other materials, which makes people feel more advanced and feel better.


  1. Iron perfume box


Iron perfume boxes tend to contain men’s perfumes, and iron perfume boxes will also have other materials mounted on the outer layer, and of course they also have a sense of weight.


The main purpose of the perfume box is not only to protect, but also to increase the brand’s information, to promote the brand concept, but also to promote customer consumption and increase corporate profits. The types of perfume boxes are mainly the above categories. Which type of design to choose is also determined by the brand’s ideas and concepts.


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