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Chocolate Gift Box Design

When it comes to chocolates, in addition to the delicious taste of chocolate, it is also synonymous with romantic encounters. In many occasions and festivals, chocolate gift boxes are in short supply. Because of the various flavors of chocolate, the styles are also varied, and there are beautiful and exquisite chocolate gift boxes. Not only the young girls like it, but in terms of the taste of chocolate, many boys also like it very much. For the most successful Dove chocolate, the ad slogan of Dove “silky smooth” is reminiscent of the smoothness of chocolate. Now most of the chocolate brands launched by major supermarkets and shopping malls are Dove Chocolate.


The Dove chocolate gift box desgin is really beautiful. In general, a Dove chocolate gift box sold in a supermarket has many sizes, including 9, 12 and 15 chocolates.


Ⅰ. Why do merchants design chocolate gift box this way?


  1. As for consumers, chocolate is not often eaten. After people eat a few pieces of chocolate after purchase, they will not eat it again. If they buy too much chocolate, they will be stored for a long time. Then the taste is no longer delicious and fresh, so merchants have designed small, medium and large chocolate gift packaging boxes. This design is for hunger marketing, which promotes consumers to buy again.


  1. The box designs for packagingchocolates must have their own packaging characteristics, so that the product will appear different. The design will have a stronger visual impact on the display cabinet, and can play the promotion function of his packaging. Therefore, any brand of chocolate packaging box design should have its own selling point. It must have its own brand cultural characteristics and product characteristics. In addition, it can improve the packaging quality in many ways and determine the positioning of the chocolate. Like Dove Chocolate, who launched it on Valentine’s Day with silk scarf wrapped in a chocolate heart gift box, which shows its promotional function, so it is not difficult to find from the investigation of this gift box that the packaging of the goods is actually a very valuable part.


Nowadays, people will consciously pack gifts. With the increase of gifts, the demand for gift packaging boxes is also increasing. The traditional gift packaging box styles have long been unable to meet people’s tastes, so gift packaging box design is required.


Ⅱ. What are the methods for box designs for packaging?


The advantages of the gift box: beautiful and high-grade, low cost, good strength, low transportation cost, good display effect, suitable for mass production. Moreover, it has high mechanical productivity, can realize automatic disassembly and assembly, etc., with many structural changes and curve indentation and other processes.


  1. Principles of box designs for packaging

Scientific, economic, high-capacity, safe, easy to use, environmentally-friendly, easy to identify, good to display.


  1. Design classification

Paper gift box, metal gift box, plastic gift box, glass gift box, ceramic gift box, etc.


  1. Design method

(1) Principles of styling design: change and unity, contrast and harmony, rhythm, symmetry and balance, stability and center of gravity, proportion and size, etc.


(2) Modeling elements: point elements, line elements, surface elements, block elements, texture elements, etc.


(3) Reflect culture: Designers need to know more about the structural mechanics of packaging containers, the attributes of packaging contents, be familiar with the cultural heritage behind the contents, and rationally deploy various resources to reflect the core of the design.


(4) Consider the beauty and quality of the design: Gift box packaging is an important part of the modern packaging system. How to reflect the courtesy and sense of worth of gifts in all aspects of material, structure, graphics and other aspects is the first thing that designers need Research. At the same time, gifts are connected with the beautiful emotions of human beings, expressing people’s praise of human nature, their attitude towards morality, and their pursuit of beauty. Because of this, gift packaging box design is extraordinary in the field of packaging design. At the same time, gift packaging is also a place for designers to display their talents.


With the development of society, people have learned to use packaging to enhance the content in gifts, that is to say, packaging should be used to cover the culture of gifts and reflect the quality of gifts.


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