Dental Light

ADS professional led dental operatory lights can provide excellent lighting performance. Lighting over 5000 lux can minimize shadows. Our LED lights have good functions such as hands-free sensors and 3-axis rotation.


ADS for dental surgery lights has a variety of installation configurations, including ceiling mounted and cabinet/wall-mounted, to meet your clinic design needs. Ceiling-mounted dental lights provide the ideal lighting mode with minimal internal space. Cabinet/wall-mounted styles are also available, and dentists can maximize their work style.


The price is very attractive!


Dental Light Displays

Whale LED Dental Light

Ortho Post Mount (40) Whale LED Light Cabinet Mount Whale LED Light Whale LED Light Whale Led Light With Arm And Bushing Post Mount (30) Whale LED Light

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Amber Dental LED Light

Amber Led Light With Arm And Bushing Amber LED Light Post Mount (30) Whale LED Light Swing Mount (24) Amber LED Light Ortho Post Mount (40) Whale LED Light

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