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FOR-U Smart Freight Releases App Version 5.3 Featuring New “Transit Sharing Location Lookup” Function

When it comes to intercity freight, real-time access to cargo freight status information is a core appeal for many shippers. In response to this demand, in December 2020, FOR U Smart Freight released the version 5.3 update to its shipper-end app. The update included a new Freight Transit Lookup and Sharing function, as well as Timeliness Alert functions, allowing freight consignors to keep tabs on their shipment locations in real time, share order itineraries at the press of a button, and maintain a clear picture of their shipment status.

Even as the real-time search for, and sharing of, online-hailed cab locations has become the norm in recent years, in the freight sector, the overwhelming majority of truckload freight information remains beyond the visibility of shippers. But with the latest version of the FOR-U Truck Shipper app, shippers can make use of the app’s Transit Lookup and Sharing functions. Driver locations can be viewed up to two hours prior to shipment loading, and all freight status-related information, including waybill information, freight routes, and freight transit, can be shared through WeChat.

In addition, in cases of traffic congestion, inclement weather, or vehicle breakdown during freight transport, the system then determines, based on the driver’s report, whether a risk of transport delay exists; if a delay is a possibility, the system then forwards a freight delay pre-warning, as well as a message indicating the cause for said delay, to the shipper to facilitate handling in a timely manner.


In the past, shippers would often seek out carriers for their provisional freight transportation needs via an infomediary, then keep tabs on their freight status via phone calls to intermediary, and the mutual trust between clients and drivers is relayed through the intermediary. As freight transport platforms have developed, shippers can now outline their demands and seek drivers on these platforms; upon matching shipper demand, however, platforms often lack the capability to manage and control the various services provided by drivers, leading to a deficit of trust in unfamiliar drivers. This mistrust continues to be a point of trepidation for shippers.

Setting itself apart from other information-matching platforms, FOR U Smart Freight offers full-range matching and assurance services, and undertakes full-process performance responsibility, making it a more suitable solution for shippers with higher timeliness and security requirements. The FOR-U platform mandates reviews for all of its drivers under their actual identities, and has established a grading system that serves as a gatekeeper for service quality maintenance. Furthermore, FOR U converts its technology and experience into service delivery capabilities, and assists truck drivers in elevating the quality of their service to bolster shipper trust.

An issue that must be resolved by all freight transportation platforms is the information and credit imbalance between drivers and shippers – platforms must assist users in achieving fast matching, optimal efficiency, and shipper-driver trust. In this regard, depth of trade participation is key to the value creation potential of any platform.


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