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FOR-U Smart Freight Receives “Advanced Freight Transportation Enterprise in the Fight Against COVID-19” Commendation

In September 2020, at the Conference on Highway Capacity Development, hosted by the China Federation of Logistics and Purchasing (CFLP) in Kunming, FOR U Smart Freight (also known as Fuyoukache in China), was awarded the “Advanced Freight Transportation Enterprise in the Fight Against COVID-19” commendation for its immediate response and exhaustive commitment to supporting anti-COVID transportation efforts during the pandemic, as well as its dedication toward upholding social responsibility. The conference hosted forums on “Remolding a High-quality Transport Capacity Ecosystem,” and awarded commendations to advanced freight transportation enterprises, service providers, and drivers that made outstanding contributions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

As COVID-19 spread, FOR-U Smart Freight jumped into immediate action in response to transportation needs for relief supplies, recruiting volunteer drivers from across the country and opening a nationwide channel for relief transport into Wuhan. From Lunar New Year’s Eve on January 24 – when FOR-U Smart Freight shipped its first batch of medical supplies, including protective masks and thermometers, from Beijing to Tongji Hospital in Wuhan – to March 30, the platform transported 87 cumulative batches of anti-COVID supplies, weighing in at a total of nearly 2,000 tons, and delivered medical supplies – including masks, protective suits, disinfectant, and medical gloves – from 12 provinces and cities across China, including Beijing, Shandong, Anhui, and Fujian, to destinations hit hard by the pandemic, such as Wuhan, Xiaogan, Huanggang, and Xiangyang.

During the early stages of the outbreak, to combat issues such as mandatory quarantine for homebound truck drivers and an exacerbated lack of freight transport resources, FOR-U Smart Freight actively engaged and communicated with the relevant authorities to facilitate smooth transit for truck drivers. The company prioritized guaranteeing the transportation needs of emergency supplies above all else. In addition, the platform promptly adjusted its waybill tracking system to refrain from imposing timeliness requirements on relief supplies. Simultaneously, FOR-U partnered with relevant businesses to grant charge-free insurance benefits to truck drivers, providing peace of mind in such trying times.

Photos: FOR U Relief Supply Drivers En Route to Wuhan During COVID-19

As one of the first enterprises to participate in the collective anti-COVID transport effort, FOR-U’s transportation achievements have been widely covered in the media,  including in the China Logistics & Purchasing magazine and the Beijing Traffic Broadcasting station. The company was also nominated for China’s 2020 online “COVID Campaign” charity and public welfare honor roll. Whether supporting the country’s anti-COVID efforts or assisting with the subsequent economic recovery, logistics has played a frontline role; within the sector, technology-driven logistics enterprises will, over time, continue to leverage their technology competencies to enhance the efficiency of supply circulation and material guarantee.


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