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Creative Biolabs Updated Its Antibody Glycoengineering Service for Research Use

Creative Biolabs, as a world-leading supplier in antibody production, introduced its newly-updated antibody glycoengineering service for lab use. This is the second update for glycoengineering service, which now is more complete and functional for researchers.

Glycosylation, one of the most common post-translational modification, is mainly taking place in the endoplasmic reticulum and golgi apparatus. Glycosylation is entailing the covalent attachment of carbohydrate moieties to specific biomolecules, having a major impact on the efficacy and stability of biopharmaceuticals. Currently, antibody glycoengineering has been developed as one of the approach for controlling the composition of glycans and enhancing the pharmacological properties of the therapeutic antibody.

Newly-updated antibody glycoengineering is including but not limited to:

Non- or Simplified- glycoengineered antibodies Service

Features of the non- or simplified-glycosylated antibodies involve low initial clearance from serum and reduced effector functions, etc.

Low- or Non-Fucosylated Antibodies Service

Diverse antibody expression systems including mammalian or non- mammalian cell lines can offer clients with multiple options and economically feasible solutions.

Over- or De-Sialylated Antibodies Service

Customers can find some different technologies in this field.

In Vitro Enzymic and Chemo-Enzymatic Antibody Glycosylation Remodeling Service

An attractive method to prepare defined and homogeneous glycoforms of antibodies.

Antibody Glycan Analysis Service

Analysis services, including the number, site and type of glycosylations by glycan staining or labeling, mass spectrometry-based glycopeptide mapping, etc. are offered in Creative Biolabs.

“with more than ten years of experience in providing antibody production, Creative Biolabs is able to produce high-quality glyco-optimized antibodies in a range of cell lines both for research and industrial use. So far, Creative Biolabs has provided antibody glycoengineering for more than 10 million clients all over the world. ” said Dr. Peterson, a senior scientist in R&D of Creative Biolabs.

About Creative Biolabs

With the faith of providing high-quality and professional services, Creative Biolabs cannot only offer antibody production but also the cell line development and downstream biopaharmaceutical process development services.


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