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FOR-U Smart Freight’s Chen Guanling: Perfecting Technology Through Practical Implementation

On November 6, 2020, at the 8th Jiangsu Internet Conference, the curtain lifted on one of its highlight events – the “Big Data and Artificial Intelligence” summit forum. The forum, with “The Smart Digital Economy” as its theme, explored the latest technological developments and cross-sector integration of big data and artificial intelligence under various industry scenarios. Chen Guanling, CTO at FOR U Smart Freight (also known as Fuyoukache in China), was invited to attend the forum and present a keynote address on the “Application of AI in Smart Logistics”.

As an expert on AI who has transitioned from academia to the industrial community, Chen Guanling pointed out in his speech that, despite China’s logistics enterprises having made headway into new technologies such as AI, IoT, big data, and drone technology, the industry’s overall digitization progress remains in a stage of preliminary exploration and limited-scale application. Other than a handful of leading enterprises, most small-to-mid-scale logistics enterprises and fleets still use handwritten notes and Excel tables as the dominant tools for managing transport-related information. Studies by Accenture Consulting confirm that a significant portion of work across all segments of logistics remain reliant on human input.

FOR-U Smart Freight has long since engaged with the road transportation sector. Its positioning as a performance platform has allowed FOR-U’s in-depth participation in trading and its full spectrum of technological exploration to be conducted within actual operational scenarios, tested through practical application. With more than five years of experience, FOR-U Smart Freight has established an operational foundation with core competencies in data, algorithms, and services.

FOR-U has digitized its entire working process, from inquiry to settlement, with the massive amounts of data generated daily through its working units then cleaned and modeled into multidimensional, liableand effective databases. On an algorithmic level, FOR-U utilizes operations research and optimization, as well as machine learning, as its foundational core, which in turn supports the development and application of various technologies across its multitude of operational modules, including price quotation, bill forwarding, and en-route alerts.

In his speech, Chen introduced FOR U’s operational foundation as one of optimization and maturity achieved through navigating complex and rigorous actual operational scenarios. FOR-U’s proprietary smart dispatching system – where orders are allocated via decision by AI algorithms to ensure maximum vehicle operation efficiency – is an outstanding example of this, where R&D alone is insufficient to meet challenges. Instead, deeper insight into sectoral particularities is required on part of developers in areas of concern, such as driver fatigue, cargo volumes in destination cities and peripheral regions, potential unloading delays at the discharge location, and loading or unloading inefficiencies.

Technology that is truly deliverable and implementable must be polished through actual operational scenarios. Such is the uniqueness of FOR-U Smart Freight’s operational foundation. At present, FOR-U is able to provide “out-of-the-box” solutions to both upper- and lower-reach businesses, as well as transparent and highly efficient services from quotation to settlement.

As Chen stated, FOR-U Smart Freight will continue to ride the trend of logistical empowerment through technology, strive within the sector to explore technological innovation through actual practice, and simultaneously open its tech capabilities to facilitate the collective progress of smart logistics from nascency to maturity.


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