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Zhiben Eco Friendly Packaging Solutions

Zhiben Eco Friendly Packaging Solutions


Bakery & Coffee Industry

In the coffee & bakery industry, in order to maintain the taste of hot and cold drinks, we have high requirements on the container to avoid odors at high temperature.



Catering Industry

Disposable tableware makes our lives more convenient. Traditional disposable plastic tableware will generate a large amount of white garbage that cannot be degraded after use.



Gift Industry

With the development of economy, people’s spiritual world is constantly enriched. Gift giving has become a daily routine in life. Whether the gifts are sent to relatives, friends, family, elders, colleagues, leaders, or lovers and girlfriends, people do hope that the receiving party will be amazed by the gifts and feel more of their hearty attentions.



Zhiben is a professional molded fiber packaging manufacturer, we provide coffee biodegradable packaging, eco coffee packaging, environmentally friendly packaging solutions, biodegradable coffee packaging, sustainable bakery packaging, eco friendly coffee packaging, eco friendly bakery packaging, molded pulp manufacturing, most eco friendly disposable cups and etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.

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