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Magnetic Lashes are on the Up Trend

The magnetic lashes, which is on the top of the list, can be regarded as a black technology. Its invisible benefits win a perfect victory among all ways to beautify your eyelashes: its visual thickness and slenderness, no need of the eyelash adhesive and no detachment when facing post-workout sweat or hot springs in winter. Because of all these advantages that other methods don’t have, magnetic lashes are on the up trend.

Then, what is the magnetic lashes on earth? Magnet is setted at the root of sheet false eyelashes, and your own eyelashes will be clamped like a sandwich according to heteropolar attraction. You can prolong and thicken your eyelashes very simply only in a few seconds. There are also various eyelashes in different lengths and radians in some suits, and you can choose to strenghten the middle part and the tail part of your eyelashes on the basis of the shape of your own eyes.

The effect of magnetic lashes will be not that heavy, which is maybe beyond your imagination that magnetic lashes are too heavy because of magnet, as the light superfine magnet is used on the product, which is comfort with no sense of presure than the grafted eyelashes which will cause discomfort when the false eyelashes fall off, making the magnetic eyelashes itself on the up trend.

For the real unskillful, it is difficult to operate the tiny false eyelashes, and our brand has already thought about that for the sake of the customers. You can stick the false eyelashes to the clamp in the same suit, by following the right direction. It will adsorb the false eyelashes automatically, and what you only need to care about is the place of adsorption. If you store them properly, every magnetic lash can be used for about 30 times.

The magnetic lashes are handy, natural and convenient and its future is very promising. And the magnetic lashes will be more popular with the development of technology.

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