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Notes for Semi-permanent Eyelash Grafting

Before grafting

Before graft the semi-permanent eyelashes, you are suggested to use normal saline or cleaning product with foam to clear grease, dirt or remains of cosmetics on the false eyelashes. Two detergents mentioned above can make deep cleaning through smaller molecules except for clean water-based stains and oil soluble stains effectively.

After grafting

Don’t let your eyelashes touch water in 4 hours after the semi permanent eyelashes grafting. Water and oil have negative effect on the service life of the adhesive, then the service life of the semi permanent eyelashes will be affected.

In 24 hours after semi-permanent eyelashes grafting

The biggest challenges that you will meet are washing your face and removing your makeup.

The molecule of the cleansing oil is very small, which can dissolve the adhesive on the eyelashes, causing the false eyelashes to fall off earlier.

When you want to clean the root of your eyelashes, use your left hand to lift your eyelid gently until you can see the root of your eyelashes and you don’t need to expose the whole eyeball. Use a cotton piece to scrub the root of your eyelashes gently towards a certain direction about three to five times.

As a matter of fact, the semi-permanent eyelashes are originally designed for girls who has a light eye makeup or does not make up. If you love heavy eyeliners and eye shadow, you must use more cleansing lotion and the persistence of the grafted eyelashes will be shortened greatly, no doubt.

28 days after grafting semi-permanent eyelashes

The semi permanent eyelashes are grafted on your own eyelashes, so they will fall out along with the life circle of your own eyelashes. It is common that three or four of your eyelashes fall out every day. In this period, you can paint the revitalash on the root of your own eyelashes in order to strengthen the tenacity and anchorage force of your own eyelashes, and the service life of the grafted eyelashes will be prolonged as well, which will lay the foundation for the next grafting.

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