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How to Wash 3D Strip Lashes?

3D strip lashes are thin, exquisite but fragile, so you need to be very careful when using them. When you take out the 3D strip lashes from the box, don’t pull the lashes violently. Instead, you should take them out gently with your hand; when you take the eyelashes down from the eyelid, you should hold the middle part of the false eyelashes and take them down quickly, and do not take two or three pieces of eyelashes each time. The adhesive on the false eyelashes that you have used should be cleaned up and placed in the box in good order. Don’t stick the powder of eye shadow and the mascara to the false eyelashes, otherwise the false eyelashes will be polluted or destroyed. More seriously, you will have eye diseases when you use them again. Then how should we clean our false eyelashes, so as to avoid damage to them? Here are our tips.

The first step: Cover the cotton pads with the makeup remover.

The second step: Press gently the root of eyelashes with the cotton pads coverred with makeup remover for one minute (Don’t press and pull your own eyelashes to and fro, just press them towards one certain direction).

The third step: When you take the false eyelashes down, look up, and move from the inner corner of your eyes to the outer corner of your eyes (Just as stated above, don’t move the eyelashes back and forth, move them towards one certain direction).

The fourth step: Use the makeup remover specially designed for lip and eye makeup to clean the 3D strip lashes. Use a cotton pad to press and scrub the false eyelashes. You can start from the root of the false eyelashes (You should scrub them gently, for the eyelashes are relatively fragile and they will be destroyed and cannot be used again if you scrun them violently).

The fifth step: If there is adhesive left on the false eyelashes sometimes, you can remove the adhesive with your hand, or you can clean them with the facial cleanser.

The sixth step: You can put the soap or the facial cleanser in your hand, clean the false eyelashes with soap bubbles, starting from the root of the false eyelashes (Scrub them gently towards one certain direction).

The seventh step: Use clean water to rinse the bubbles off.

The eighth step: Use a tissue to dry the false eyelashes and place them in the shade.

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