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Different Breeds of Cats Have Different Personalities

Thursday, December 03, 2020 Hina

A study by the University of Helsinki in Finland studied the behavioral similarities and differences of 5724 cats from 19 breeds. Let’s take a look at the personalities of different breeds.

Among all breeds, British Shorthair Cat is the least active to play with people.

Korat Cat and Devon Rex Cat are the most active ones to play with people. If you like cats hugging, then these two are more suitable.

Turkish Van Cat and Angora Cat are the most aggressive towards cats and people. If there are many cats in your home and you want to raise an additional Turkish Van Cat and Angora Cat, you should consider it more carefully.

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Russian Blue Cats are the most shy to strangers, so don’t force them to get acquainted with strangers quickly.

The cats with the highest amount of exercise are the Bengal Cat, Cornish Rex Cat, and Korat Cat. If you don’t have much time to accompany your domestic cat, be careful of these breeds jumping on and crashing everywhere at night.

Housecats, Norwegian Forest Cats, Turkish Van Cats, Maine Coon Cats, and Angora Cats tend to eat too much hair, so you need to pay more attention to grooming them. If necessary, they can eat some products or ingredients that help to remove the hair, so as not to cause the problem of hairballs blocking the intestines.

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Sphynx Cat needs to bathe regularly to avoid oily skin.

The Scottish Fold Cat is a very clingy, smart, and calm cat. It can get along well with other pets and children, and they are very smart.

The American Curl Cat is a happy and playful breed. It also gets along well with other cats and dogs. In a multi-cat home, it is recommended to raise this kind of cat.

All in all, this study is very helpful for raising cats. The first is to choose which cats to raise. Many people keep cats based on their appearances, but they don’t know much about the different characteristics of different breeds. Cat’s activity level is also very important. If you don’t have so much time with your cat, do not choose a cat with a high-level activity, otherwise, you will feel annoyed if the cat makes trouble at home.


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