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Methods to Prolong the Service Life of the Eyelashes Adhesive

Eyelashes adhesives tend to cure easily, age quickly and become no more sticky within a few day or a week after being unsealed. Disappointedly, the eyelashes adhesive is very expensive, so how can we prolong the service life of eyelashes adhesive?

Before purchase, pay attention to the shelf life of the eyelashes adhesive “before” and “after being unsealed”.

Storage of eyelashes adhesive after being unsealed

The eyelashes adhesive is usually sold in a small aluminum bag with drying agent. In order to prevent the adhesive from aging caused by moisture, the glue and dirt attached to the nozzle and bottle cap should be wiped off thoroughly, the bottle cap should be tightened, the aluminum bag should be sealed and stored in the shade (19-23℃ in the dark).

Storage of eyelashes adhesive before being unsealed

The adhesive will gradually age, to ensure good effects, it is better to have a change of adhesive every one month or so.

If it is a bottle of eyelashes adhesive in reserve, you can store it in a cosmetics refrigerator at a temperature of about 10-20℃. Pay attention to temperature control as the cosmetics refrigerator does not have a moisture control function. Storing the eyelashes adhesive in a home-use refrigerator or freezer is forbidden, because the ordinary refrigerator works with a low temperature at which the eyelashes adhesive will congeal, and low temperature will speed up the aging of the adhesive or destroy its original property. If you don’t have a a cosmetics refrigerator, yoo’d better purchase the adhesive at a regular interval instead of storing too much.

Correct usage of the eyelashes adhesive:

  1. First, shake the eyelashes adhesive gently for about a minute (shake it for about 60-90 times).
  2. The adhesive drips down in a vertical way to prevent residue from being left at the bottle mouth, prevent oxidation due to air contact and shorten the service life of the adhesive. Besides, pay attention to wipe off the bottle mouth before and after use.
  3. The adhesive drips down slowly each time, with about one or two drops every time, especially in summer;
  4. Squeeze out gently the air in the bottle until the adhesive no longer overflows, and then tighten the bottle cap. By doing so, the steel needle inside the bottle cap will not react with the eyelashes adhesive and the bottle will not be plugged.
  5. Use a special tool to drip the adhesive down;

After use, put the eyelashes adhesive in the cosmetics refrigerator at room temperature of 10-20 degrees. When using, take out the eyelashes adhesive and cool it down for 10-15 minutes, then shake it.

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