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Eco Friendly Biodegradable Blue Gift Box

Our eco-friendly food box, also known as zero waste food box, has a variety of shapes. No matter how picky the customers are, they can still find a box for food packages that they are satisfied with. It can be customized according to specific requirements. It is very light and easy to carry.


In terms of the details of the design, smooth line, bright outline, elegant texture, fine surface and environmentally friendly plant fiber materials show the perfect combination of product function and aesthetics.


Types Of Eco Friendly Biodegradable Food Gift Box

Zero Waste Eco Friendly Disposable Compostable Biodegradable Paper Pulp Food Gift Box

Eco Bagasse Sugarcane Disposable Biodegradable Disposable Compostable Snack Gift Box

Eco Friendly Custom Disposable Compostable Biodegradable Paper Pulp Biscuit Gift Box

Earth Friendly Eco Personalized Disposable Compostable Biodegradable Round And Red Paper Pulp Gift Box For Food


Advantages Of Eco Friendly Gift Food Box


The raw materials of Zhiben eco-friendly food box are plant fibers, such as bamboo, reed, sugarcane and other fibers with similar properties, biodegradable and compostable. These are originally abundant renewable resources in nature, and the regeneration speed is fast. So, they are the compostable food box.



They don’t damage the environment and cause environmental problems such as soil erosion. They are not the plastic materials of petroleum derivatives which cannot be degraded naturally but forming large-scale garbage mountains, causing white pollution, and breaking the ecological balance of ocean and land. For a better environment, please choose eco food boxes  .


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