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Extruder Screw and Barrel Cleaning and Process

  1. The way to clean the extruder screw correctly


The efficient active cleaning materials can be used for double screw extruder screw cleaning  and the cleaning process has the following steps:


  1. Adding the machine-washing materials manually from the cutting mouth until the color of the extrusion strip are as the same as that of the washing machine materials so you can stop adding and empty the material then stop the screw rotation of the double screw extruder.


  1. Open the die head of the screw extruder and start cleaning.


  1. Rotate the double screw extruder screw and remove the orifice plate, discharge the residual washing material in the barrel, and clean the orifice plate.


  1. Stop the rotation then pull out screw to observe whether it clean or not. Remove the wastes on the screw manually. Install the screw back and add the new materials. Clean the rest machine-washing materials and stop the rotation (but no to remove the screw).


  1. Install the double screw extruder and the die head then the extruder screw cleaning is finished.


Extruder screw cleaning precautions:


When using of extruder cleaning materials, one should pay attention to its temperature, charging speed and current control range. Do not fill the materials at one time because its hardness is very high which will lead to heavy friction force and stuck the screw; ensure the normal rotating speed of screw and do not speed up to prevent the degradation of materials. At the same time, pay attention to the screw and barrel clearance.


  1. The way to clean the cylinder correctly


Relatively speaking, cylinder cleaning is easier than the screw and barrel clearance but it is also very important.


  1. The barrel temperature should be set at 200°C when preparing to clean the cylinder


  1. Twist the circular steel brush to the drill pipe to make them into a cleaning tool and then wrap the steel brush with copper wire mesh.


  1. Before inserting the cleaning tools into the gap between the screw and the cylinder, please sprinkle some stearic acid into the cylinder or on the copper wire net of the cleaning tool;


  1. Turn on the electric drill when the copper wire mesh enters the cylinder and make it move back and forth manually until its movement becoming free of resistance;


  1. After the copper wire mesh is removed from the cylinder, please use a bunch of cotton cloth to wipe back and forth in the cylinder to remove the wastes of cleaning resin or lipoic acid residue; after several such wipes back and forth, the cleaning of the cylinder will be accomplished.


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