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Zhiben Eco-friendly Gift Packaging


With the development of the economy, people’s spiritual world is constantly enriched. Gift giving has become a daily routine in life. Whether the gifts are sent to relatives, friends, family, elders, colleagues, leaders, or lovers and girlfriends, people do hope that the receiving party will be amazed by the gifts and feel more of their hearty attentions.


Our eco friendly gift packaging , such as our gift boxes are rich in texture after a special wet-pressing process. They have different shapes of optional colors. They can be customized according to the customer’s own design. Their smooth lines, bright outlines, elegant texture and fine surface show a perfect combination of product function and aesthetics. In addition, we are also a staunch defender of environmental protection. These gift boxes use natural plant fibers as raw materials, such as bamboo, reed, sugarcane and the likes. These are originally abundant renewable resources in nature, and the regeneration speed is fast, so they will not damage the environment and cause environmental problems such as soil erosion. Our gift boxes can also be degraded naturally after being discarded and will not pollute soil or the ocean.


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