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The Specification Of The Storage And The Assembly For The Membrane keypad Switches

Membrane keypad switches are electronic accessories. Many times when customers assemble membrane keypad switches, they will always be scrapped due to storage and placement problems. Knowing how to assemble is a very important course, so Niceone-tech is very Want to introduce the placement and storage methods to customers.

How to assemble and store membrane keypad switches?

  1. There is not allow the hard scratch and the impact at the front side, and the each layers cann’t be pull apart.If not,it will destory the consturction for the membrane panles and will affect the lifetime for the products.

  1. Clean the enclosure where need to assemble the membrane switches, and the enclosure surface should be flat, without rust, without oil, without dust.

  1. Check the position and the direction of the enclosure and tear off the bottom linner of the membrane switches.The fingers can’t touch the bottom adhesive, then assemble the switches to the correction position.

  1. When you assembly membrane switches with the adhesive and already tear off the bottom linner but without the assemble, the membrane switches need to be side up, and be sure the other’s can’t touch the rear adhesive. Also, the membrane switches already tear off the bottome linner can’t be on hold for the very long time, or this will affect the adhesive funcation.

  1. When assemble the switches, you need to finish the assemble by one time.When you assembly the membrane switch, you couldn’t touch the membrane buttons, and the membrane switches couldn’t be bend and can’t reuse it. If not,it’s easy to destory the switches and also will affect the funcation of the adhesive.

  1. The tail cables of membrane keypadcan be bend, but can’t be deaden. It easy to cause the open circuit、the bigger resistance, then affect it’s funcation.

  1. The membrane switches need to be storage at the normal temperature, dustproof, waterproof, and be sure there is no the  acid gases, no the alkaline gases and no the other’s corrosive gases.

  1. When test the membrane products, need to be sure the test table is hard and steady, can’t press the keys dangling . When store the switches, but sure the products without the extra press or bend.

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