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Silicone Rubber Products Manufacturers Take You to Understand the Three Major Silicone Molding Processes

In daily life, we use to many products using silicone rubber as accessories, as the raw material made of silicone rubber products not only non-toxic environmental protection, and for the product has excellent dustproof, waterproof, shockproof, anti-skid, anti-collision, sealing, insulation, heat resistance, aging resistance and other characteristics.Miscellaneous pieces of silicone accessories superior performance, and its application range is very wide such as cushion, article key cap, sealing ring, dustproof plug, conductive, protective sleeve, sealing strip and so on. presumably everybody wants to know what does the craft of silicone product.

That knows the technology of silicone products best is the manufacturer of silicone products. Niceone-tech rubber is a professional manufacturer of all kinds of silicone rubber molds and silicone rubber products.According to the differences in mold and processing technology as well as raw materials, Niceone-tech divides the technology of silicone products into three categories:

  1. silicone molding process

Molding is to heat the mold to the specified temperature, and then put the silicone raw materials into the mold for heating and pressure molding.It is often used in the processing of suction cup keys, sealing O ring pads, protective covers, plastic parts and other accessories.

  1. Silicone extrusion process

Extrusion molding refers to the extruding of silicone through the extruding machine. This processing method is simple, and the disadvantage that it can only process strip/tube silicone products.It is used in the production of silicone tube, foaming tube, sealing strip and other products.

  1. silicone injection process

Injection molding process is used for liquid silicone.Through the injection machine will be the raw material poured into the mold cavity curing molding, but the drawback is that the mold complex cost is high and not suitable for small batch production;It is often used in the manufacture of silicone nipple, silicone mask, mobile phone case and other accessories

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