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Silicone Products or Silicone Rubber Keypad Products Common Printing Processing Technology

In daily life, we often use all kinds of silicone products, such as silicone kitchenware, silicone gifts, silicone rubber keypad,and silicone protective sleeve, etc. Their innovative design, unique style, design and color is diversiform, many silicone products in surface printing LOGO design, not only can improve the whole level of silicone products, can increase brand recognition through screen printing LOGO brand enough degrees, silicone printing is a process with the silicone rubber products from raw materials to finished products;Below Niceone-tech for you to briefly introduce several common silicone printing process.


Concave and convex signet

During the processing of the silicone product mold, the LOGO pattern was milling out at the corresponding position by making the mold with reserved LOGO position. The silicone material was placed in the silicone mold and the silicone was vulcanized at high temperature. Finally, the silicone product with LOGO was obtained.


The silicone screen printing

Silk-screen printing in the silicone printing industry is a relatively mature printing technology.This way of printing out of the pattern three-dimensional sense of strong, after the completion of the printing will not fall, the current industry screen printing screen version of the clarity can be done very precise.


The silicone pad printing

The transfer printing process is to use the LOGO pattern on the concave steel plate, through the rubber head as a carrier to print the pattern on the silicone products, often used for silicone products irregular pattern printing.


The silicone digital printing

digital printing process is ink printing equipment will be silicone ink printing on silicone rubber products, through the ink and silicone chemical reaction, usually this type of printing process requires the silica gel background color is white, and the second is to do the printing workshop dust-free degree, otherwise it will be printed on the LOGO or pattern particles of dust.


The silicone transfer printing

Transfer is to preprint the pattern on the transfer film, through the heat transfer equipment to transfer the pattern on the surface of the silicone product, after the molding ink and silicone integration.


The silicone radium vulture

Radium carving process is a way of making LOGO patterns by spraying black shading feel oil on the surface of silica gel, and then carving out LOGO patterns by laser. It is usually widely used in the buttons of some electronic and electrical equipment with light transmission effect.


In addition to the above printing process, there are many other methods of silicone printing, such as surface drop adhesive, UV transfer, water transfer printing process;After the silicone printing product design layers rich.Bright color is not easy to fade,which has a rich sense of stereoscopic and gloss and has a certain role in anti-slip.If you need to customize silk-screen silicone products, please contact silicone rubber manufacturer Niceone-tech!


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