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Is there Any Way to Measure the Softness of Rubber Materials?

In our daily lives, we use different kinds of pencils to draw or take notes from time to time. The types of pencils can also be divided into HB, 2H2B, F, etc. according to their softness and hardness. This reminds us that silicone rubber also has a different hardness. Niceone-tech generally uses Durometer to measure its hardness.

In silicone rubber products, the most common scale units are A and D. A represents a soft material, and D represents a harder material. The common hardness is generally 10-85A. If it is lower than 10A, it will be difficult for the silicone rubber product to fall off from the mold and cannot be produced. If it is greater than 85A, the product is brittle and easily damaged. Because it is the first instrument developed by the instrument manufacturer Albert F. Shore to measure the softness of materials, that is why Shore is generally added in front of the scales A and D.

Please see the list of the following items and their hardness levels:

Rubber Band-Shaw 20A

Eraser – Shore 40A

Tire tread-Shore 70A or Shore 15D

Heel – Shore 80A or Shore 30D

Shopping cartwheels – Shore 95A or Shore 50D

Safety helmet – Shore 80D

At the same time in this industry, silicone rubber keyboard has penetrated into all walks of life due to its low-cost and reliable switching solutions.

The keyboard design generally has the following options:

Customize different shapes

Does the surface treatment need PU and feel oil?

Laser carving

Backlight selection

Whether it needs to be completely sealed

Regarding the production of silicone rubber, we strictly require every step. For details, please see the manufacturing process of our silicone rubber keypad

Niceone-tech is a professional membrane keypad manufacturer, we provide production of membrane switches, silicone rubber keypad, PCB, plastic products, hmi touch panels and etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.

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