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HQC Ways to Use Bamboo Plywood and Precautions for You

Many customers do not know how to store and take care of bamboo plywood sheets after purchasing them. The correct storage method and proper care can not only increase the service life of bamboo plywood sheets, but also greatly reduce the additional problems that occur in industrial production and construction projects. So, there is some knowledge about bamboo plywood sheets for you, hoping to help you know how to properly use and store the bamboo plywood sheets.

  1. Where should bamboo plywood sheets be used?

In the face of various situations encountered in various projects, it is the most basic point to correctly select various building templates according to the conditions of each construction unit. For example, bridge construction requires the kind for bridge instead of that of house construction.

  1. Requirements for purchasing bamboo plywood sheets

To ensure the quality, unqualified building templates mustn’t be used. Thus, cost-effective bamboo plywood manufacturers should be chosen to cooperate.

  1. The correct method of laying bamboo plywood sheets

The wood side close to the bamboo plywood should be placed horizontally lengthways. The gap between the boards should be as small as possible while the boards should be flat and light. The wood side should be 5*10 or 10*10 cm pine wood. The joint of the wood and the board should be sealed with adhesive tape to prevent leakage or slurry pollution of the board edge, and do not bump with hard objects in the process of use.

  1. The care and precautions of bamboo plywood sheets

When the mold removal is completed, the surface of the bamboo plywood needs to be cleaned immediately, so that it can be used better next time. If the plywood needs to be stored for a long time, it is necessary to stack it neatly, and also need to use a rain-proof cloth to cover it. When consigning and placing it, it should be prevented from being in the sun for a long time to accelerate the aging rate. In construction projects, bamboo plywood sheets should always be put in a flat, dry place, and must be avoided in places where the temperature and humidity gap is very wide.

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