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Eyelash Grafting is Semi-permanent

Eyelash graft has been popularized among the general public since it was introduced to China. Nowadays, we often hear something about eyelash graft from friends around us, yet how much do you know about eyelash graft? Now Let’s talk about the persistence of eyelash graft.

When it comes to eyelash graft, the question that we care about most is how long the grafted eyelash can last. And what is unexpected is that the grafted eyelash is permanent in many people’s opinion. As a matter of fact, all grafted eyelashes are semi-permanent, which can last about four to eight weeks. Why the grafted eyelash is semi-permanent? Let’s start from the definition of eyelash graft.

Eyelash graft is to use a kind of special glue to stick false eyelashed onto our own eyelashes, in order to make our eyelashes more beautiful. Although the glue used to stick false eyelashes is special, whose viscosity is relatively good, the persistance of a kind of glue is limited and then the semi permanent eyelashes will fall out when its service life is over. Besides, we need to consider another factor except for the viscosity of the false eyelashes: our natural eyelashes have their own life circles and they will fall out at the end of a life circle, as false eyelashes are sticted to our natural eyelashes, they will also fall out with our natural ones.

A lot of girls are very nervous when they have witnessed their eyelashes falling out, thinking that it is caused by grafted eyelashes. In fact, natural eyelash has its own life circle, and it will fall out when its life circle is end. So in this case, it is very common that the eyelash falls out, don’t worry about that.

There are also some people who confuse eyelash graft and eyelash grow. They think that eyelash graft is permanent. Actually, the only method that is permanent is eyelash grow. For eyelash grow, the doctor tranplants hair follicles on other part of our bodies to our eyelids, and hair will grow on our eyelids, then turn into eyelashes. In cases of eyelash grow, the most common problem is trichiasis.The reason of trichiasis is that in the process of planting eyelashes, the orientation of the eyelashes that we transplant in diverges from our natural eyelashes. Trichiasis means that the eyelashes grow towards our eyeballs, and the eyelashes will irritate our eyes, then eye inflammation will be caused. That is also a reason why some people don’t prefer to plant eyelashes. So eyelash graft is the best choice!

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