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Are Rubber Membrane Switches Waterproof?

Membrane switches are widely used, sometimes outdoors, sometimes indoors, and sometimes even in water or liquid solvents. In water or liquid solvents, Niceone-tech technicians will recommend using a membrane switch with a waterproof frame or a waterproof silicone membrane switch. The waterproof frame structure can reach above IP65, such a sealed structure can protect the internal electronic circuits and electronic accessories, thereby avoiding the entire product being scrapped due to water ingress. Niceone-tech believes that the waterproof frame is important, but the choice of suitable adhesive and circuit materials is also very important for the waterproof effect.

Rubber Membrane Switches: The Basics Rubber and membrane switches are generally combined in two forms: one is with conductive carbon particles, silver particles or gold particles are directly connected to the line conductive ink, and the other is without conductive particles, by squeezing the bottom domes to make the line conductive. Silicone rubber keypad as a panel can withstand extreme temperatures, excellent anti-aging properties, and waterproof performance. At the same time, the rubber is economical, but molds are relatively expensive. When the project is higher volume, Niceone-tech recommends that you can use the silicone membrane switch as a design choice.

Silicone rubber keypad switches have quite a few features:

The rubber keyboard can be combined with silver ink PET membrane switch, PCB membrane switch, or Copper Flex membrane switch as its panel.

Can be customized for different driving force and stroke

Rubber keyboard can be customized in various colors

Silicone rubber keyboard panel can be customized with various logos and fonts

Can be sprayed with PU or feel oil to protect the product and enhance product life and durability.

Can be used anti-ultraviolet materials to resist ultraviolet rays, so that the product can be used outdoors

The silicone rubber keyboard can be made with the logo, font, or silicone key designated position backlight through laser engraving.

Rubber silicone keyboard prevents damage from water, dust, and particles

Rubber keyboard resistant to extreme temperatures and aging

Rubber keyboard switch is easy to clean

Silicone Rubber keyboard panel can be glued resin

Considerations for Waterproof Rubber Membrane Switches

Niceone-tech’s technicians found that time and time again when designing and solving problems, in addition to marine and outdoor products that require waterproof rubber membrane switches, the fitness industry, medical and military industries also particularly need waterproof frames silicone membrane switch structures. For example, gym, hospital, laboratory, etc. Niceone-tech found that many times customers will need to use chemicals or bleach to help disinfect the product. At this time, the product must have its own corrosion resistance, good waterproof performance, and not easy to age. The user can easily clean the product without damaging the instrument. Importantly, the waterproof frame silicone rubber membrane switch, as a panel material, can withstand high-intensity pressure washing, frequent wiping, and water spray.

Waterproofing Rubber Membrane Switches of options

Although the waterproof performance of most rubber membrane switches can reach IP65 or above, it cannot be completely waterproof. Niceone-tech analyzed several reasons and gave our professional opinions. Although the adhesive tape is waterproof, when the external pressure is too large, the adhesive tape will penetrate into the water and cannot be completely waterproof. In order to meet the requirements of complete waterproofing: 1. Need to use 3M adhesive paper 2. Cover the edge gasket between the edge and the installation box 3. Use gasket structure or double-sided adhesive sheets 4. Enclose the product with the entire silicone rubber keypad.

The waterproof silicone rubber membrane switch must include at least these features:

Prevent water, dust, and particulate damage, corrosion resistance

Antibacterial or UV resistant materials can be selected to prevent deterioration due to UV or bacteria

Can still operate outdoors

Can still work often when exposed to water

Waterproof surface is easy to clean

Can withstand high and low temperature, and the performance is not affected

Easy to install

Niceone-tech can customize any size, color, and shape of rubber products according to customer needs. The product is not only beautiful but also practical. The rubber membrane switch has a relatively small thickness, superior performance, and lightweight. Contact Niceone-tech, our team will customize the best product for you according to the needs of customers. Looking for membrane switch product samples or would you like to set up a free design consultation? You can email info@niceone-tech.com

Niceone-tech is a professional custom keypad manufacturer, we provide production of membrane switches, silicone rubber keypad, PCB, plastic products, human machine interface pdf, membrane switch backlighting, capacitive touch through plastic, membrane switch products and etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.


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