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4 Features of Silicone Rubber Keypads

The silicone rubber keyboard uses the silicone rubber webbing design. The Webbing will be combined with the buttons. When we touch the button, The Webbing will give different touches according to the thickness of its design. At the same time, the bottom of the button will be combined with the lower part of the shrapnel or PCB board to complete the button function. It has the following advantages and some common designs:


Since the unit price of silicone rubber keyboard is relatively economical, it is generally a design choice for mass production. At the same time, it can often be combined with membrane switches to reduce the cost of the panel. But the mold cost is relatively high.

Extremely stable chemical and physical properties

The silicone rubber keyboard can work in extreme environments and have anti-aging features. It even has good chemical resistance and resists their corrosion.

Customized design

Different hardness can be selected through actual application design: 30-90A, including color, carbon dots, PU and surround design, etc. to meet the needs of different customers.

Backlight design

Another common design of silicone rubber keyboard is the backlight design. Usually laser etching is used to burn off the topmost pigment coating. The purpose is to create a transparent effect with the required logo or font. As the coating is burned off, the light source can be obtained through the LEDs or EL sheet on the back.

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