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Zhiben Eco-friendly Catering Packaging

Disposable tableware makes our lives more convenient. Traditional disposable plastic tableware will generate a large amount of white garbage that cannot be degraded after use. This is a serious problem in the catering industry. The advanced production process, mold design, and strict quality inspections make a beautiful, light and portable disposable environmentally friendly tableware present in front of us. Our eco friendly catering packaging uses natural plant fibers as raw materials such as bamboo, reed, sugar cane and other natural degradable and renewable fiber materials. These materials are harmless to the human body, non-toxic, odorless, easy to degrade, no pollution during the process of manufacturing, use and destruction. Product quality fully meets world food hygiene requirements. Due to the safety of fiber materials, this eco-friendly tableware can be put into the microwave or refrigerator. No peculiar smell and no deformation regardless of high temperature or cold storage. In addition, our biodegradable catering packaging also has characteristics of water resistance, oil resistance and high-temperature resistance. Due to the strong manufacturing capabilities of our factory, it will not Increase customer’s extra cost while ensuring that the products are environmentally friendly, safe and healthy. Therefore, our environmentally friendly disposable tableware has become the best alternative to traditional plastic tableware. Currently, we are the designated partner of many famous restaurants around the world.


Zhiben is a professional molded fiber packaging manufacturer, we provide eco friendly manufacturing and packaging, unique disposable cups, best eco friendly cups, best eco friendly disposable cups, bagasse cup lid and etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.


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