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How to Stick a False Eyelash? A Beginner Can Do It Well in Three Minutes

As a beginer of makeup, you must encounter an obstacle: how to stick a 3D false eyelash? For every girl who wants to be more beautiful, it is indispensable to learn to stick a false eyelash. However, there are only few girls who can stick a false eyelash well. Don’t look down on the impressive false eyelash, you need a lot of tips if you want to stick a false eyelash well. Let’s have a look how a veteran sticks a false eyelash.

STEP1: As beginers of makeup, the common mistake that they have is to glue the untrimmed 3D false eyelash that they buy directly on their eyes.You need to know that untrimed false eyelashes may be not suitable for the shape of your eyes, so you should cut the false eyelash to fit the size and shape of your own eyes, which can not be neglected.

STEP2: You need to wrap your own eyelash with the help of an eyelash curler before sticking a 3D false eyelash.

STEP3: Use your eyeshadow brush to dip some eyeshadow on the root of the 3D false eyelash.

STEP4: Paint the glue on the root of the false eyelash, and pay attention to the dosage, or it will overflow or the viscosity is not enough.

STEP5: Fix the false eyelash from the middle part, and then fix the two end part of the false eyelash.

STEP6: Don’t forgot brush your eyelash again after sticking the false eyelash, so as to mix your own eyelash and the false eyelash together.

Have you mastered these basic tips?

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