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Do You Know Why Phenolic Glue Should Be Used for Bamboo Plywood Sheets?

Bamboo plywood has the characteristics of high hardness, fracture resistance and compression resistance. With a wide range of uses, it is suitable for horizontal formwork, shear wall, vertical wallboard, bridge, viaduct, dam, tunnel subway and beam pile formwork in housing construction as well as in various containers, packing boxes, car and train floor panels, household floors, indoor ceilings, door panels, furniture, etc.

Bamboo plywood panels from Fujian HeQiChang Bamboo Product Co., Ltd is pressed by phenolic glue. After being glued, it has good brightness and strong viscosity. It will not be glued and layered after boiling for three hours. However, many customers have no idea about the principle of the choice of phenolic glue which is as follows.

As bamboo plywood is a heterogeneous material and has a high degree of anisotropy, many quality problems have occurred in the project involving the material. The moisture content of bamboo plywood during construction increases with time in a certain range, and the bending strength and rigidity also decrease. From pouring to curing, the water consumption is very large, so improving the water resistance of bamboo plywood to reduce its moisture content is an important way to ensure the quality of the project. If the moisture content of the bamboo plywood increases, resulting in a decrease in bending strength and rigidity, the template will be flexed and deformed, thereby reducing the bearing capacity and structural safety of the components.

To solve the above problems, you can make bamboo plywood sheets with phenolic surface film as the surface layer. The template treated by this method has greatly improved waterproof performance, reducing the loss of template strength during use, and can be reused many times, which improves the economic benefit.

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