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Why must high temperature resistant mold release agent be used when die casting products?

Die-casting release agent is suitable for aluminum and zinc alloy series die-casting products, and has been widely used in automobiles, telecommunications, motorcycles, home appliances and other industries. The aluminum alloy die-casting release agent is an auxiliary agent that must be used in the die-casting production process. Therefore, it is necessary to master the application technology of aluminum die-casting release agent. Because the volume and size of die-cast products are different, the structural complexity is different, and the post-processing requirements of the products are also different, the requirements for the release agent are also different.

Technical parameters of die casting release agent:

Appearance: Milky white emulsion.

Density: 0.97g/ml

PH value: 6.8-7.5

Viscosity (25°C): 20mpas

Application principle of die casting release agent:

Due to the fact that aluminum and zinc alloy materials are heated and melted (aluminum melting point is 660.4°C), they are injected into the mold cavity under high pressure in a liquid state, and the mold is opened and ejected in a short time. In order to ensure the smooth release of the product, a release agent must be sprayed on the surface of the mold cavity before injection.

Application fields of die-casting release agent:

Die casting parts are suitable for various areas such as machinery, automobiles, lighting, IT product shells, etc.

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