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The Introduction to Features of Cat Scratching Posts

Wednesday, December 02, 2020 Hina

Although more and more cats are now living with humans, their wild nature still remains. For example, they like grinding claws, especially on the sofa. Male cats tend to use cat scratching posts more often than female ones. It is speculated that they want to show their male characteristics. Also, the sweat glands on their claws can produce pheromones to tell other cats about their personal information. Therefore, a cat scratching post is of great importance to cats, so what are the features of a cat scratching post?

1. Multi-layered Platform

The advantage of the platform is that it provides an easily accessible resting place for cats. Regardless of the size and weight of the cat, the platform should be large enough so that the cat can fall asleep and move without worrying that they might fall off, especially when they fall asleep and turn around lazily. In terms of platform materials, high-quality wooden boards should be selected and equipped with environmentally friendly plush without chemical stimulation. Polisbebe uses smooth, easy-to-clean plush, which has a bright luster and good elasticity.

cat tree platform

2. Cat Condos

The cat condos is usually hole-shaped, which is very suitable for cats that need a high degree of security. Whether it is a hollow or a tree-shaped hole, as long as it could give a cat a quiet, dark, and covert place to stay in the daytime, it will undoubtedly be welcomed by the cat.

buy cat condo

  1. Upright Post Twined with Hemp Rope

Usually, what twined around the upright pillar of the cat scratching tree are sisal hemp white brown ropes. Because these ropes are made of agave and have a smell similar to catnip, cats like to grind their claws on these special ropes, which also provides protection for the furniture.


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