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Tension dynamometer also come as travel alarms with special sensors

These special  S load cell are placed in strategic areas of a property. Some are equipped to be operated manually while others have automatic functions. It is important to understand the type of device you will need to secure your property.

The Portable Mini Alert Infrared Motion Detector Alarm is great for use in the home, office, hotel or any other room that requires high security. It uses a passive infrared system to protect potential intruders. They produce an infrared 80 degree angle of property coverage. It also creates an invisible barrier that are impenetrable. They are battery operated and do not require any special wiring.

tension dynamometer also come as travel alarms with special sensors. These types of alarms are lower in price while still providing effective security to deter an intruder. They can be manually activated by pulling an alarm cord located at the top of the unit. Or they can set off automatically when they detect motion up to 9 feet away. The will emits a loud sound of alarm for approximately 15 seconds, scaring off any assailant. They are equipped with an LED flashlight and are conveniently sized for concealment and travel.

A Wireless Motion sensor alarm is another option available on the market. They have special products that work with a push button doorbell. The alarms are equipped with infrared Wireless Motion Detectors that send out signals to the Wireless Receiver when they detect visitors or intruders. There are many more to choose from. It is important to do your research so that you get the best fit for your security needs.


Reverse sensors are playing an important role in our driving and parking life, especially for a new driver, it can assist the driver to park more easily and smoothly.

There are many types of micro force sensor on the current market, different car rear view system has different way to install. In this article, we mainly introduce two ways to install the vehicle backup sensor.

External paste type: Paste the probe directly to rear bumper without drilling, this is mainly for the rear sensor which has two probes, but it does not look very beautiful after the installation, and it is gradually to be eliminated.


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