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Quality Control and Optimization of Automobile Painting and Coating

Over the years, with all the progress in the field of automobile design and manufacturing, there has always been an unchanging factor, that is, the beauty of the car is the key factor determining the consumer’s purchase decision. In the purchase process, the consistency, quality, and diversity of vehicle paint play a crucial role. Modern consumers can use the car paint to spray a variety of colors. In the automotive industry, which is more competitive than ever, the process control technology to ensure and improve quality directly affects profitability as well as market share.

Automobile coatings and the processes used to coat automobile surfaces use advanced technology and are carried out in professional automotive paint spray booth. It can produce a durable surface, high-quality appearance while maximizing efficiency and complying with environmental regulations. The quantity and quality of the painting production line have a significant impact on manufacturing costs, sales, and maintenance.

The correct paint viscosity is the key to good paint quality. Performance parameters (such as film formation, color matching, voids, and chemical resistance) are directly related to the viscosity of the liquid coating during application. Viscosity controls the thickness and adhesion of the coating. It ensures the quality and service life of the coating. In addition, process parameters such as pressure, flow rate, and coating speed all depend on the viscosity of the coating material.

In the modern automobile coating process, spraying is carried out in the automotive paint spray booth. After the nozzle atomizes the paint, only a part of the paint drops is applied to the vehicle surface. Spraying requires the viscosity to be as low as possible to optimize atomization.

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