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One Stop Solutions With CNC Machining

ETCN could offer one-stop solutions for customers which can simplify process/operation from complications:

  1. Air compressor distribution with customer selections.

  1. Industrial equipment distribution with customer selections.

  1. Fluid pipeline system and spare parts supplying.

  1. Self-made parts + assembly service customized by customers.

As a professional cnc machining solutions inc, our company can provide customers with one-stop custom machining services, all you need to do is send the drawings to our mailbox: ting.liang@etcnbusiness.com

Our service items include precision CNC machining, sheet metal, stamping, casting, forging, etc. After receiving the drawings, we will evaluate the quotation, sample production, and test reports, batch production, packaging, and transportation to your designated location.

Relying on perfect cnc solutions of quality, service, and integrity, our partners spread all over Europe and the United States and won the recognition of all customers.

Machining Services

Precision Machining

Can provide precision non-standard customized products.

CNC Grinding

Precision internal and external grinding can better control the accuracy of the product, reaching 0.003 mm, concentricity and straightness to 0.01 mm.

CNC Punching

Used for all kinds of metal sheet parts processing, can automatically complete a variety of complex hole types and shallow stretch forming processing at one time.

ETCN is a professional machining company, we provide CNC machining, metal stamping, sheet metal pressing, precision cnc machining china, china cnc manufacturing and etc. Want to know more? Please contact us.

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