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Introduction of Multi-span glass greenhouse

The multi-span glass greenhouse is the A-type roof greenhouse. Its cover material is glass. It is a hot-dip galvanized steel structure. And three roofs is one span. The span can be customized. It has a good appearance, good insulation performance, light transmission long service time, and other advantages.

The skeleton of the Multi-span glass greenhouse adopts a hot-dip galvanized steel structure, which is strong and durable. The hot-dip galvanized steel structure has strong corrosion resistance and can be used for more than 30 years. The cover film is tempered glass, which has anti-ultraviolet and anti-drip function, and it is very economical. The greenhouse is equipped with a temperature control system. The system sets the temperature according to individual needs. When the indoor temperature is high or low, the greenhouse system will automatically start work, saving time and effort, and controlling freely.

Multi-span glass greenhouse is widely applied to the high-end intelligent greenhouse. With a more large galvanized steel frame, specific grid, truss structure, it bears much more load than a plastic film greenhouse. With its good resistance to wind and snow, it helps the production of food in severe harsh climate areas. The unique design of the dual-slope roof increases the drainage and ventilation of the greenhouse. The light transmittance is more than 90%. The lifetime of the main body is more than 20years. It can be equipped with the most functional supporting systems with inside and outside shading systems, roof and side window ventilation systems, wet curtain and fan cooling systems, and so on.

Introduction of Multi-span glass greenhouse
1. Multi-span glass greenhouse with hot-dip galvanized light steel structure, A-shaped roof. To solve the greenhouse insulation and translucent contradictions; good winter insulation. Unique glass sealing structure, completely solves the problem of roof leakage. Glass greenhouse with beautiful appearance, good light transmission, display effect is good, long life, etc.. for low light, and geothermal energy and power plant waste heat, glass greenhouse is a better choice. The glass greenhouse is very suitable for the middle and lower reaches of the Yangtze River Basin.
2. The type of Multi-span glass greenhouse can be fully automatic control, supporting equipment can choose heating system (hot air heating or plumbing heating), shade system, micro-fog or curtain cooling system, water supplement system, fill light system and spray, drip irrigation and fertilization system, Computer integrated control system, the top sprinkler system.

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