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Food Metal Detector

  1. Working principle of food metal detector

The working principle of the food metal detector is to use electromagnetic induction to generate a rapidly changing magnetic field using a coil through which alternating current passes. This magnetic field can induce eddy currents inside metal objects. And the eddy current generates another magnetic field, which in turn affects the original magnetic field, causing the detector to beep to warn people. food metal detector is suitable for detecting meat and are closely related to our lives. Various types of meat are mixed with common metal impurities in the automated production process: broken slaughter knife, metal tags during transportation, machines that are worn and torn due to slag made by mechanical maintenance, metal scrap in the production process and so on. In addition, there are also a series of factors that are not strictly managed: such as rings, watches, buttons, coins, pens, keys, needles, paper clips combined products.

  1. Application and characteristics of food metal detector

Food metal detector is widely used in frozen food, fresh seafood, pasta meat, food additives, condiments, dried and fresh fruits and vegetables, bread and pastries, convenience food, medicine, toys, clothing, shoes, plastics and other industries detecting metal impurities such as stainless steel, iron, copper, lead that are leaked in raw materials or products. It plays an active role in effectively protecting people’s health and product safety export.

Functional characteristics of food metal detector:

  1. Food metal detector uses advanced high-tech technology, and has high sensitivity as well as good stability and strong anti-interference;

  1. The body of the special food metal detector for the food industry adopts stainless steel structure, which is beautiful in appearance, rust-proof and easy to clean;

  1. Food metal detector, according to actual needs, can be equipped with infinite speed adjustment of conveying speed or automatic removal device for unqualified products;

  1. In order to be used on the conveyor, the height of the machine is lowered for easy operation. It can be operated alone or operated with the flow conveyor at the same time;

  1. Food metal detector can choose to detect ultra-thin objects (including accessories) and thick objects;

  1. Food metal detector has light-controlled automatic alarm and automatic devices of adjustment, starting and rewinding.

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