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Characteristics of Bamboo Plywood Sheets

Bamboo plywood sheet is made of equal thickness bamboo slices with grooves as the component unit, and the bamboo slices are prepared by rolling and planing. The technological characteristics of this product are high temperature softening and rolling of bamboo. It can be used as a common structural board and as a carriage floor through board lengthening and surface treatment.

The bamboo plywood sheets have the following characteristics:

  1. Bamboo plywood sheets have high strength and good toughness. The static bending strength of the board is equivalent to 4-5 times the strength of wood plywood, which can reduce the number of template supports.

  1. The surface of bamboo plywood sheet is smooth and easy to demould. The adsorption force of the surface of composite bamboo plywood sheet to concrete is only one percent of that of steel formwork. Moreover, it is flat and smooth without plastering to fasten the progress of the project.

  1. The width of bamboo plywood sheets is wide, with few seams (3 square meters per sheet), which is equivalent to the area of 6.6 pieces of 1.5m*0.3m steel template, and the speed of mold support and mold removal is fast.

  1. Bamboo plywood sheets have good water resistance, and will not open the glue in water or deform when exposed to water, anti-corrosive and insect-proof.

  1. The use of bamboo plywood sheets has a high turnover. The board can be used on both sides. If the method of use is correct, the turnover can reach more than 10 times.

  1. The thermal conductivity of bamboo plywood sheets is 0.14-0.16 W/m·K, which is much smaller than the thermal conductivity of steel formwork and is conducive to thermal insulation during winter construction.

  1. Storage. The board surface should be stacked with square wooden strips to not contact with the ground, well ventilated, protected from the sun and rain, and checked regularly.

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