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Peptide synthesis company argue that whilst

Peptide synthesis is an aspect of fat loss from Melanotan 2 which has been established. Diets higher in fat are better associated with the use of agonists (MT-2). There is a great effort to develop agonists ( Melanotan II ) and antagonists of peptide receptors that have been associated specifically with energy and fat loss. Dosing and timing are particularly complicated areas of study as melanocortin systems vary so greatly. The melanocortin system represents an attractive target (MC4R) for leptin related obesity research.

A natural agonist, a-MSH (Melanotan 2) reduces food intake suggesting the MC4R might become useful in obesity treatment. MC3R has been suggested to play a role in nutrient partitioning. Development of MC4R and MC3R agonists have been addressed in order to reduce weight dramatically.


Peptide synthesis company argue that whilst there is no current medical data published to support there current brands, they argue there is more than ample scientific data to prove that these latest serums work.

The proof they argue comes in the form of medical research carried out in relation to wound healing known as pentapeptide research, where the American Medical Research Journal Pubmed states: “peptides are instrumental in increasing cells in the skin to produce more collagen”.

Custom Peptide synthesis are small groups of long-chain amino acids which act as chemical messengers throughout our body, which are integral to the way we age as by increasing collagen, we are in fact helping to strengthen the support structure of our skin.

When collagen in your skin is in plentiful supply, you facial skin will appear firm and tight but when levels decrease, sagging and wrinkles will begin to take shape.

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