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How to Raise a Cat Properly

Wednesday, December 02, 2020 Hina

When you decide to keep a cat, you should make some preparation in advance to ensure that it can quickly adapt to your home. Cat is very sensitive to the new environment. Some cats may stay under your beds or closets for days even a couple of weeks. Here are some suggestions to help you avoid these situations.

  1. Making a comfort zone
    Cats will become alert when some strangers enter their areas. Suddenly moving into a new home will make them feel very upset, because the surrounding environment and smells are totally different. They need some time to get used to the new environment, and you can give them some help. Basically, you should prepare food, water, and a litter box for your cat. What’s more, you could provide your cat with a comfortable cat bedor simply a paper box.
  2. Preparing a scratching post for your cat
    Cat’s paws grow very fast and need constant sharpening. You had better buy a scratching postfor it., and the Scratching post should be long enough. You can also hang a catmint or toy ball up to attract it.
  3. Buying a cat tree
    If possible, you should buy a cat treefor your cat. Because cats like to inspect their area, and tall cat furniture will help them.
  4. Giving the cat enough time to get used to the new environment
    When you have completed all the above operations and brought a cat home, you think your home is absolutely safe and you want to take your cat to meet your family. Stop now, you have to be more patient. Don’t force it, give it enough time, and remind everyone that patience is important for a newcomer.


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