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What Maintenance Should Be Done for Coating Machinery?

General maintenance of coating machinery includes cleaning, tightening, adjusting, lubrication and corrosion protection. Each part of the coating machinery also has a corresponding maintenance manual and notes, all you have to do is to carry out maintenance work in strict accordance with the prescribed cycle to reduce the wear rate of the parts, to eliminate the potential for failure, and extend the service life of the coating machinery. In addition to the maintenance work specified in these regulations, what other maintenance matters need to be carried out?

  1. For independently operated paint sprayers, example checks should be performed: focusing on cleaning, lubrication, inspection and tightening, and routine maintenance should be performed as required before leaving each shift, during work and after receiving the vehicle. The machine operators should perform this regular maintenance independently.

  1. For some paint production equipment, the corresponding regular maintenance must be carried out, which can be divided into:

Primary maintenance: focus on lubrication, tightening and inspection of components and cleaning of  the “triple filter” (i.e. maintenance of clean air, oil, and fuel filter).

Secondary maintenance: focus on inspection and adjustment. The specific content is to check the engine, clutch, transmission, transmission, steering and braking mechanism, working device, hydraulic system and electrical system of the working condition, and make necessary adjustments, to eliminate the faults found, to ensure the good operational performance of all mechanical components and parts.

Tertiary maintenance: focuses on detecting, adjusting and eliminating potential problems and balancing the level of wear and tear on all parts. It requires diagnosis, inspection and condition testing of parts that affect performance and parts that have symptoms of failure, and then completes the necessary replacement, adjustment and troubleshooting.

  1. There is another critical aspect, which is a special maintenance. General new machines or large-size repairing machines must be maintained for running during the break-in period. When the machine is used within the prescribed break-in period, it must be in accordance with the corresponding provisions of the gradual increase in load and speed. A comprehensive check for lubrication and fastening conditions should be carried out, observe the state of the parts in the machine, solve the problem once they are found. The critical point of break-in maintenance is to replace the lubricant, lubricate each piece and tighten each bolt. After the break-in period, it is required to carry out another secondary maintenance.

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