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How to Make Cats Like Cat Scratching Posts?

Wednesday, December 02, 2020 Hina

Cats living in the wild will scratch their sleeping places with their paws. At the same time, they will leave the smell of their paws. In addition to letting other cats know that this is its territory, it can also fix its paws during scratching. It is not just grinding into sharp claws, but removing the worn out claw shell to reveal the new sharp claws inside. Even though cats are now kept as pets, their nature has not changed.

Once the cat starts scratching a certain piece of furniture, it will usually scratch the same place. Therefore, if you want to train your cat to use the cat corner scratcher, remember the following principles:

1.Buy a cat scratching post and place it in the place where it usually stays and plays.

2.It is better to prepare more than a cat scratch toy because one of them should be placed nearing the cat bed.

  1. The grab plate that is easy to fall is useless. It is recommended that you fix it on the wall.

4.The size of the cat scratch furniture is best to be about 15-20 cm wide and 30-40 cm long.

5.The cat pole should either be placed horizontally on the ground or placed vertically on the wall.

6.The vertical cat pole should be about 30 cm above the ground. It can be adjusted according to the growth of the cat.

7.The material of the cat pole is a preferably softwood, such as pine, cedar, and mahogany. And it’s better to wrap the hemp ropes outside.


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