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How to Clean the Cat Scratching Post?

Wednesday, December 02, 2020 Hina

Cats have the inherent climbing ability, especially the ability to climb trees. But living in the city, there are not so many places for them to play. Meanwhile, thier safety cannot be ensured. At this time, it is necessary to buy cat scratching furniture. In daily use, you should know how to maintain and clean the cat scratching post.

If a cat pole is stained with cat hair, we can use a sticky roller or wide tape to stick hair out. You had better groom the cat constantly, which is beneficial to reduce the frequency of cleaning and extend the service life.

If you need to clean a scratcher for cat because of some reasons(such as cat urine or vomit), you can take the following steps to help you clean large posts:

Prepare cleaning products. Go to the supermarket to buy detergent specifically for sickness and wool. You can also choose to mix washing powder and liquid soap and dilute with water to a certain concentration. Then put them into a sprinkling can and prepare two rags, one is dry and the other is wet for later use.

Clean with detergent. Spray the detergent stained area,and then scrub it back and forth with a damp cloth. You will find the effect is very obvious. If you think the detergent doesn’t work very well, please increase the concentration.

Clean with a dry rag. Use a dry rag to scrub the place you washed before, and smoothen it following the texture.

Disinfect the cat scratching post. Spray the disinfectant specially prepared for pets, and then dry the cat scratching post.

Cat scratching posts with good maintenance could be conducive to cat health and accompany your cat to grow up happily. Therefore, the cat keeper do not have to worry about taking time to clean cat scratching post regularly.


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