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Application of Bamboo Products in Furniture

Ⅰ. Application of bamboo products

Heavy bamboo board, also called bamboo plate, is a kind of high-density bamboo board. Its material is more refined than ordinary bamboo board. Generally, high-quality moso bamboos with an age of more than five years are used to be selected, steamed, dried, heated and pressed, which is the series of rigorous processes to produce the required materials. It has the properties of low dry shrinkage, low deformation, corrosion resistance, waterproof and weather resistance with strong stability. Thus, it can pass the 72-hour cooking test and is widely used in the production of floors and furniture outdoor as well as high-end furniture, stairs and exterior wall decoration indoor.

Ⅱ. Advantages of bamboo products

Because bamboo products have excellent characteristics, such as wood-like natural texture, ease to process, and are a sustainable, green and environmentally friendly material, it will be more widely used in the furniture industry, and constantly improve the quality in the application. It will be a strong material for the development of the furniture industry.

  1. Excellent material properties

Bamboo products have good mechanical and physical properties.

  1. Marvelous texture and beautiful pattern

Bamboo products have a natural woody feel, with wood conduit-like thin grooves on the surface. Some of the surface textures are straight-like radial cut patterns, and some are like mountain-shaped string cut patterns. There are also small nodular scrolls, which are natural and smooth and full of change. The color of the material is also diverse, which can be made into light yellow brown (natural color) or brown (coffee), and also into zebra wood color interlaced with brown and light-yellow brown. It can also be dyed into various material colors according to product modeling needs. The touch of heavy bamboo is the same as that of wood, warm and comfortable, smooth and pleasant.

  1. Convenient processing

Wood processing equipment and technology can be used by bamboo products suppliers to process heavy bamboo. The structure of bamboo products can adopt traditional furniture tenon joints, and also modern connector ways. It can be glued by woodworking glue which has good gluing performance. The painting process and the paint used are the same as that of wood furniture.

  1. High material utilization

The utilization rate of bamboo products can reach about 90%. The manufacture of bamboo laminated timber requires high-quality thick-walled moso bamboo, the utilization rate of which is about 20%. When it is used to make furniture, the effective utilization of materials is also high. In the past few years, bamboo products were mainly used in the production of bamboo flooring, instead of high-quality hardwood, and a large number of exports to countries of Europe and the United States. In the past two years, more and more attention has been paid to bamboo products. The application of bamboo products in furniture has been developed and researched, and fruitful results have been achieved. Moreover, bamboo furniture has been put on the market in batches.

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