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Bamboo Is an Essential Element in Low-carbon Buildings

  1. “Low carbon” has gradually become the consensus of all mankind

“Low-carbon life” and “low-carbon economy” are becoming the consensus of the whole society, and a “low-carbon trend” has been prevailing in recent years. Bamboo is an essential element in low-carbon buildings, which has been gradually accepted by the market and applied in famous projects.

  1. Bamboo is an essential element in low-carbon buildings

One of the earliest and most extensive applications of bamboo is in the construction industry. Bamboo is a kind of high-quality building material with soft color, clear texture, smooth feel and flexibility, which gives users a good sense of vision, smell and touch. It has light weight, good toughness and high strength, and can be made into trusses to solve the problem of large span in buildings.

At the same time, bamboo is a kind of ecological environmental protection building material. It grows fast and its growth cycle is 1/120 of that of pine. After the usage period, the material can be completely recycled and reused. Bamboo is a kind of building material with low energy consumption. When constructing a building of the same area, the energy consumption ratio between bamboo and concrete is 1:8, and that between bamboo and steel is 1:50.

In recent 20 years, bamboo processing industry is developing rapidly, bamboo products of various uses and types have been developed and produced, and the bamboo used in buildings has attracted more and more attention. These bamboo products are mainly used for walls, grounds, suspended ceiling decorations and indoor and outdoor building decoration materials, all of which have many characteristics.

For example, bamboo flooring strand woven carbonized is obtained by advanced bamboo processing technology and has good decorative effect; the surface is wear-resistant and pressure-resistant, and it has good mechanical properties. Therefore, bamboo flooring strand woven carbonized has been widely used in practice and has obtained ideal results.

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